Rules of Usage

At the end of the day we want everyone of our customers to have a good time, so please  ensure you follow these simple rules for the benefit of all our users.

1. The use of the field is entirely at your own risk and the owners and staff of Unleased in Uppingham cannot be held responsible for any injury to persons or dogs using the field. There may be uneven ground, small holes caused by animals burrowing or other hazards consistent with the countryside.

2. Please pick up all rubbish and dog waste and put it in the bins provided.

3. Do not arrive early for your booking – please wait outside the gate with your dog(s) in the car if the previous customer is still using the field.

4. Do not allow anyone else in the field during your booking, other than anyone who came with you.

5. Please park in the parking area only.

6. Do not overrun your booking time. If the previous user is still in the field at the start of your allocated time, please contact us.

7. Children must be supervised at all times – please ensure they do not break any of the terms and conditions.

8. The consumption of drugs or alcohol on site is strictly forbidden. Please also refrain from smoking in the field.

9. Please ensure you take all dog toys home and put broken items in the rubbish bin.

10. Please do not allow your dogs to dig holes; if they do please fill the hole back in to prevent injury to others.

11. Please bring any damages, however caused, to our attention.

12. They owners of Dog Unleased at Uppingham cannot be held responsible for any damage or accident caused by the user’s dog(s).

13. The user of the field has full responsibility for their own dog(s).

14. Do not bring any dog(s) that are showing signs of illness to the field.

15. The Field will be inspected to ensure it is tidy and secure but please notify us if you have any concerns.

16. There is no light, toilet or water facility available on site.